Friday, March 14, 2014

Marla Aaron Jewelry - Designer Spotlight

Marla Aaaron, the jewelry designer behind Marla Aaron Jewelry, has a serious skill for mixing colorful gemstones, beautiful metals and encouraging us all to stack! She even makes the pieces accessible in the sense that they could be worn every day.

We are all familiar with wearing multiple bracelets and rings, the idea of wearing a stack of jewelry on the ear is a new and exciting twist on the current trend of ear cuffs. Stacking jewelry involves collecting over time and can hold a similar emotional tie as the charms on a charm bracelet. How fun is it that you can extend this to your ear?!
Below is a snap shot of Aaron's work thus far with a few question and answers (including some sneak peeks on new styles!). Enjoy! 

TPV: What was the inspiration behind the Cufflings collection? The ear cufflings are especially unique!
MARLA AARON JEWELRY: All of my jewelry is essentially inspired by something that I want and can't find or something that I find beautiful and want to try and execute. I love solid metal--the way it looks --the way it feels. There is something incredibly special about a solid piece of metal and how it picks up the warmth of the skin--whether it be silver or gold or brass. I had also been obsessing about this idea of finding ways to wear precious colored stones in a decidedly unprecious way. Typically when you see colored sapphires or other stones their settings tend to be these very classic immovable jewelry pieces. I wanted to rethink that into something stackable and wearable dressed up and dressed down. After I created the Cufflings it then occurred to me that they would make unique ear cuffs and hence by mirroring their shape and adjusting it slightly so they could "hug the ear" the Ear Cufflings were born.

TPV: How do you wear your Cufflings? 
MARLA AARON JEWELRY: I stack them, mix and match them and most importantly I rarely take them off. I made myself a very special one with emeralds and diamonds from a necklace my grandmother gave me and that one I never take off.

TPV: Which metal has been the most popular for Cufflings? And, where can people buy them?
MARLA AARON JEWELRY: So far it's a tie between brass and silver. We'll see what happens when the first all gold Cuffling comes out in a couple of weeks. They can be purchased at Gary Graham's Flagship store in TriBeCa in NYC, Love Adorned in NYC and soon in the Hamptons and Kickpleat in Austin, TX.

TPV: What are you currently working on?   
MARLA AARON JEWELRY: As popular as the Cufflings are, my work began with my lock series cast in precious metals and those continue to be my most popular items. In the coming months I'm going to be introducing some new locks which I'm very excited about that continue to play on the idea of "convertible jewels". Additionally, I am continuing to develop the Cuffling collection by including some new stonework and enamelwork--those will be out in the next few weeks. And a super secret ring project also is about to be released. Finally what I love most about my collection is meeting the amazing women who wear my pieces and in the coming year I want to find a way to celebrate them in in a project related to my work.  

TPVAny stones or metals in particular? 
MARLA AARON JEWELRY: I love all metals, gold, silver, brass, platinum, palladium--copper. I will continue to experiment with many different metals--but if you force me to choose my absolute favorite is 20K yellow gold for it's particular color and softness. 

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