Monday, April 14, 2014

Gemstone Crush - Spinel!

I am currently lusting after spinels - any color, shape or size will do! Spinel has a high refractive index (similar to diamond) that gives it exceptional brightness and is found in a wide range of colors from red to purple to blue and black. Colorless spinel is a diamond simulant and red spinel has a long history of being mistaken for ruby (the 170 carat red stone known as the "Black Prince's Ruby" in the Imperial State Crown of England is in fact a spinel!). My favorite characteristic of spinel is its unique metallic quality. I think I need to get this book for my coffee table until I get my hands on the stones themselves....

Red spinel, gold and ceramic ring by Taffin. Available through Simon Teakle; Platinum, orange spinel and diamond earrings. Sold at auction by Sotheby's on April 14, 2011; Spinel, sapphire, white gold and copper ring by Hemmerle (2009) 
Multi-colored spinel and diamond ear clips by JAR. Sold through FD Gallery;18k gold, violet spinel and diamond earrings by Hamilton Jewelers; "Herkimer" earclips in black spinel, diamond and gold by Verdura

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