Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Store visit - Zaver & Mor in Berkely, CA

When the rare streak of bad weather hits the Bay Area there is no where better to go than into a cozy, jewel-filled room. And yesterday, that is just what I did! Zaver & Mor is a jewelry store in a charming Berkeley neighborhood. A short distance from San Francisco, this store is a must-visit for locals and visitors alike.
Gallery owner Rada Sahney's curatorial skills reflect her passion for interesting, impeccably made jewelry. Many of the jewelery designers carried at the store are local San Francisco or California talent. Whether you are looking for luscious metals, colorful gemstones, vintage or contemporary, you can find it at Zaver & Mor.

Here are some of my favorites!
14K rose gold medallion with cognac diamonds by Julez Bryant;
Gold and silver ring with sapphires by Mother of Gideon;
Green diamond pave stud earrings by Sethi Couture;
14K yellow gold and blue diamond "Nira" ring, collaboration by T Morgan Made and Zaver & Mor

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