Monday, February 24, 2014

Bridal - The Rise of Pink Diamonds

Recent auction records set by pink diamonds have influenced the bridal jewelry market. While white or colorless diamonds still seem to hold the number one position in terms of consumer choice, we have seen fancy color diamonds infiltrate the market beginning with yellow diamonds about a decade ago. Yellow diamond engagement rings are now widely available. While pink diamonds are more rare than yellow diamonds, the bridal market has slowly been introducing engagement rings and weddings bands with pink diamonds as the center stone or, more often, as accents.
"The Pink Dream"

"The Pink Dream" (pictured above) is the current record holder for a gemstone sold at auction. Steinmetz Diamonds cut the stone over a period of nearly two years and transformed a 132.5 carat rough into a 59.60 carat, fancy vivid pink, internally flawless oval cut gem (the largest internally flawless or flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond that the Gemological Institue of American has ever graded). The stone sold for 76,325,000 CHF (about $83 million USD) at Sotheby's "Magnificent Jewels" sale in Geneva in November 2013. The new owner, Isaac Wolf, renamed the stone "The Pink Dream".  

"The Graff Pink" rough (left) and cut (right)

Before "The Pink Dream" was offered at auction, the record price ever paid at auction for any gemstone was held by "The Graff Pink". Pictured above, the 24.76 carat, fancy intense pink step-cut diamond sold at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2010 for $46.16 million USD.

Pink diamonds have been mined in India, Brazil and elsewhere, however, today the Argyle mine in north-western Australia is the primary source. Because of their rarity, pink diamonds can be 20+ times the price of an equivalent white diamond. The pink diamonds from Argyle are sold each year via exclusive auctions called tenders. "To put the true rarity of these special ‘pink’ diamonds into perspective, of every million carats of rough diamonds produced at the mine, a mere one carat is suitable for sale in one of these tenders"(reference). With the presence/intensity of color being the most valued characteristic, the grades of pink which exist range from light fancy pink to fancy vivid pink with ‘fancy vivid’ being the highest possible color grade. Many colored diamonds on the market have been treated with techniques such as HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature). Naturally occurring colored diamonds that are untreated are the most prized. 

Pink diamonds have been creating quite a buzz in the auction world and now that one holds the world record price for a gemstone at auction as of only three months ago, we are sure to see more demand for these beautiful gems! Below are some pink diamond bridal jewelry options. Enjoy!

Graff's "Signature Style" rose gold ring with white oval cut center stone and pavé intense pink diamonds
Soleste 18k rose and platinum ring with white and fancy vivid pink diamonds by Tiffany & Co.

14k rose gold ring with white center diamond and natural fancy vivid pink diamond halo and band by Mark Broumand
18k rose gold with pale pink diamonds by Hidalgo, available at Ylang23
14k yellow gold ring with pink faceted-rough diamond and pavé white diamond accents by Anna Sheffield

Rose gold band with natural fancy light pink pavé diamonds by Henri Daussi
18k rose and white gold ring with white center diamond and pink diamond halo and band by Natalie K

Angelina ring in 18k rose gold with natural fancy pink diamonds by Jean Dousset
Natural pink colored cushion shape diamond ring set in platinum by Neil Lane


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