Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spinelli Kilcollin - Designer Spotlight

Dwyer Kilcollin and Yves Spinelli are designing beautiful and interesting jewelry out of the their Los Angeles studio. Characterized by dialogue between materials and components as well as interaction with the wearer, here are two of my favorite styles from the Spinelli Kilcollin collections.  

The collection of interlocking rings was the first Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry I came across and I immediately fell in love with how the design plays on tension and space. Each ring in the set not only relates to the rings around it but also with the wearer, begging the question of whether to be worn on one finger or across multiple fingers. The smaller rings provide a sense of confinement when the piece is worn on one finger but they simultaneously represent the ability to expand across the hand. This dialogue between the small and large rings creates a beautiful sense of tension and malleability. 

Nova Pavé ring. Gold plated in black rhodium, mixed gold connectors and micro-pavé set cognac, champagne and white diamonds.

Vela Pavé ring. 18kt yellow gold, mixed gold connectors and micro-pavé set cognac, champagne and white diamonds.
Vega Gold Pavé ring. Silver, two plated in black rhodium, yellow gold connectors and micro-pavé set grey and white diamonds.

The Atlantic necklace, below, is part of the SK Pearl Collection and, similar to the above rings, can be worn multiple ways. When worn twisted (top image) the feeling of tension is greater than when when worn with the three strands (bottom image). I love that the wearer has the control and ability to transform both form and aesthetic. The use of fabric (silk in this case but they also work with leather) compliments the notion of tension as it has a breathable quality but also constricts by acting as the "setting" for the pearls and hematite.

Pictured here in "Steel". Silk, black and silver freshwater pearls from 5mm-11mm, 11mm hematite, tarnished sterling silver toggle clasp. 

Spinelli Kilcollin designs are cohesive and dynamic - the perfect addition to any jewelry collection!

Photos courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin. For more about Spinelli Kilcollin, including where to purchase their jewelry, click here

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